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RocketSkates Funding on Kickstarter: World's First Smart Wearable Mobility

03 August 2014 in New Business & Startups 72 hits

RocketSkates Acton RocketSkates are smart motorized skates that fit right over your shoes. Once they’ve been powered on, simply push…

5.00  from 1 votes

Startup to Giant Indian E-Commerce Store Flipkart Raises $1B Funding

31 July 2014 in Deals & Funding 62 hits

  Indian E-Commerce Giant Flipkart Raises Massive $1B Round Flipkart, the largest e-commerce company in India, announced on Twitter that…

5.00  from 1 votes

Crowdfunding Sites Singapore And The Startup Scene

20 July 2014 in Features 301 hits

Crowdfunding Sites Singapore and the Startup Scene In Asia, the concept of crowdfunding is still relatively new and in its early…

5.00  from 1 votes

10 startups in Asia that caught our attention

15 July 2014 in New Business & Startups 631 hits

  1. Tolexo | India Launched last month, Tolexo is an online marketplace from India which aims to be the…

5.00  from 1 votes

Toonimo Custom Cartoons For Websites Raises $2.5M in Funding

15 July 2014 in Deals & Funding 219 hits

Toonimo, a startup that says it can make websites more engaging and lucrative by adding custom animations, is announcing that…

5.00  from 1 votes